Thank you for your interest in the 500 Startups Durians Fund. However, please note that this form is no longer in use. Please access one of the links below instead. Thank you.
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What's your last name?

Great meeting you {{answer_37011484}}! Which city are you based in?

Thanks {{answer_37011484}}. What's your mobile phone number?

Please make sure that you add the relevant country code (e.g. for Singapore it would be +65 XXXXXXXX). We would prefer that you share a number with us with which we can contact you on WhatsApp.
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You probably think we're stalking you by now {{answer_37011484}}, but please also give us the link to your Facebook page below

Awesome, thanks! Now, what's the name of your startup {{answer_37011484}}?

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Cool name! Please tell us in a few sentences why you decided to start {{undefined}}.

We want to understand the story and motivations behind your decision to start {{answer_37012853}}
Do you have a co-founder(s)?

Please upload your pitch deck here

Please upload any metrics and financials not disclosed in the pitch deck and will be helpful for us to understand the business here

Please upload any term sheets you have received here

Are you raising this round through equity or convertible debt?

An equity round (also called a priced round) has a pre-money valuation. A convertible note or convertible debt round has a cap and a discount. If "other", please specify exactly how you are raising the round.

What is the pre-money valuation you are raising the round at (in US Dollars)

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